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"Never make someone a priority,
when all you are to them is an option"

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i see no difference

What happened to us, you act like just a game in the past,

tbh. it should be.

but there’s me

lonely and hurt. never will forget that pain & you.

I don’t deserve this. 


SME’s new boy band - who is your bias?

Prince manager *.*

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Lee JongHyun Real Appa and On Screen Appa


Yoo HuiYeol: I really like your dimples.

JongHyun: Ah,thank you.

Yoo HuiYeol: Did you scratch your cheeks to make them that deep?

JongHyun: These come from my dad. ^^


Yoo HuiYeol: Is Jang Donggun that handsome?

JongHyun: Yes, I wish he’s my dad. Of course, my (real) dad is handsome too.

130126 Yoo Huiyeol’s Sketchbook


sexy jonghyun after bathing with appa


baby jonghyun deep dimples


with on screen appa



reasons why i fell in kim joonmyun - 1st: his shfdhsgdf smile

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my honest thoughts to you. fucking liar.

Itshard to just let go
But im so tired.
When you are everything i hoped 
Am i not good enough for you?
All my thoughtfulness, feelings
Flushed down the drain. 
Easy for you, a sorry
Stabs for me, every letter of it, repeated over and over again.
Cant seem to hate you, forget
You took me for grating
You lied and Stomped over me
Cruel, heartless. It took me so much to say those words.
My heart is shattered, yours untouched. It hurts ya know?
Now too bad for you, you will never have me again.